Sunday, August 21, 2011

Today’s thankful: It isn’t on her face

Ever since Eldest turned 18, I have been begging her not to get a tattoo where mommy can see it. She took her birthday money from my sister and buy herself a tiny tattoo right after she turned 18, but it is in a place most people will never see. So this weekend when she told me she would be home later than usual because she was attending a tattoo party with one of her friends, I was pretty sure there would be a new one on my baby. I wasn’t wrong, but at least it isn’t on her face. Also, it isn’t the gigantic octopus on her shoulder she has been talking about for a while. It is a bee on her ribcage. Oddly, I am not terribly upset about this one for a few reasons. First, and most importantly, it can be covered up and I don’t have to see it. Second, it isn’t an octopus, and finally, it is a bee, and we have some good bee memories.

When Eldest was 16, she drove a paper route. The route took her out into the countryside. Middlest or I often went with her. It is fun to fling newspapers out of a moving car window. Anyway, on one of my trips with her, we went and got ice cream in the middle of the route. When we were back out on the route, I took a drink of my soda and felt something fuzzy in my mouth. It freaked me straight out, to the point I couldn’t think. I opened my mouth and dropped soda and a bee on my cell phone. The bee was swimming/flopping around in the soda and Eldest laughed. A lot. The fact that there was an open window to my left didn’t occur to me.

Another time, Middlest was running her route with her when a bee flew into the open window and landed in Middlest’s lap. She started freaking out and trying to climb into Eldest’s lap while the car was moving. They still laugh hysterically every time they talk about it.

So the fact that Eldest got a tattoo doesn’t upset me as badly as it could have. At least it has some happy memories attached to it – and it isn’t on her face.

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  1. My girl got one behind her ear. I made her swear to me that it would be the only one she ever got ... since she has long hair ... I'm good with it. And, it's little.