Sunday, August 28, 2011

Today’s thankful: Daddy brought the bling

Youngest has been bugging me since last week to take her to Bath & Body Works to get a little holder to hang the sample size hand sanitizer off her backpack. Apparently, these holders with hand sanitizer are all the rage among the first grade set. My intention was to eventually get over there and buy her one, but an opportunity arose today for Spouse to take over that task. Youngest didn’t want to go to lunch with him over by the B&BW store, but she asked him to bring her back the holder and a new hand sanitizer. Oh, my gosh, did he outdo himself. They had plain holders for a buck, but he went all out for the three dollar one. It is hot pink with pink rhinestones all over it. Daddy brought the bling and baby girl was SO pleased.

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