Saturday, January 14, 2012

Today’s thankful: She didn’t mention chopping

Youngest always says that I am the one making her late for school in the morning, even though she is the one lying in bed not getting dressed. Her dad thinks it is pretty entertaining. A few days ago he asked her if mommy was making her late again. She responded in the affirmative. He then asked her what they should do with me. She said, “We could throw her in a dumpster.” He, of course, quashed that idea. I found myself not being upset about the dumpster, but really, really thankful that she didn’t suggest chopping me up before putting me in the dumpster.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Today's thankful: I'm pretty sure the kids are wrong

I won't lie. My brain has been wonky for the past three or four weeks. Of course, that period of time covers Christmas, an upper respiratory thing, sleep deprivation and returning from vacation to the work routine. My big girls keep suggesting the possibility that I have had a stroke and it did heavy damage to my brain. I am pretty sure they are wrong.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Today’s thankful: I survived chaperoning band kids for a week

I got back last week from a trip to California where I chaperoned band kids. We had an awesome week. There were many thankfuls, some bigger than others. Our itinerary was packed, and the time allotted for sleeping was usually under four hours. My thankfuls for the week, in no particular order:
We returned with the same number of children with which we left.
We didn’t lose any of the kids when the tour guide ditched us gave us free time in Los Angeles.
None of the children were caught in flagrante delicto.
There was breakfast meat most of the days.
Most of the puking was due to air sickness, anxiety or dehydration instead of a virus or booze.
Everyone seemed to have a great time.
Everywhere we went, adults commented on how well behaved and polite our kids were.
I got to share the teacup ride with my baby girl.
My roomies were awesome and didn’t smother me in my sleep for snoring.
Each and every one of the kids marched in full uniform in the parade. This means we managed to get 275 uniforms across the country without losing a shoe or glove.
All of the children who started the parade made it the full five miles in the heat.
Neither the sugar in the bed incident nor the toilet papering the room, nor the late night pizza delivery were my problems to deal with.