Saturday, August 27, 2011

Today’s thankful: Eldest is old enough to run errands

 I have been canning corn all day. I am about ten quarts away from having enough to last us until next growing season. That corn will come off the cob and into my jars tomorrow. Since I have been doing pretty much nothing but corn today, it has also been a jammie day. When I realized I didn’t have enough jars to finish, I made an offer Eldest didn’t refuse and she picked up my jars for me. Yay! My thankful for today could have been the fact that I am almost done putting up corn, or that I had a day free from other obligations so I could do it. But the little thankful that is top of my list tonight is that Eldest is old enough and loves me enough to run an unentertaining errand for me. Any day that doesn’t require me to doff my jammies is a good day.

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