Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Today’s thankful: The option to change one’s mind

On a regular day, I am all for the right to change one’s mind, but today I am extremely grateful for the opportunity. I work at a hospital in the medical records department. We have been bound as employees of the hospital since I began working there 10 years ago to follow the OSHA requirement that feet and legs be covered. The OSHA requirement specifies the rule for staff who have direct contact with patients and therefore may be exposed to bodily fluids. I agree with that rule completely. But the clinical people get to wear scrubs and comfy shoes. Those of us in the administrative offices do not have that luxury. We are left wearing dress pants or dresses with hose. I refuse to wear pantyhose, and have been wearing long skirts and boots for years. It is good in the winter, but in the summer, I keep the boots in my car and put them on just before I walk in the doors. Then my legs sweat the whole time I am there.
Today, administration sent out word that the hosiery rule has been repealed for all nonclinical personnel. Yippee skippee! I don’t have to wear boots in the summer anymore! My legs will be allowed to breathe! The only downside is now I will have to make sure my legs are properly shaved for work days. Not biggie. That only happens a few times a week. I am very thankful that humans have the capacity to change their minds.

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