Saturday, June 25, 2011

Today’s thankful: Clover and bees

From the title of today’s thankful, you might think that I am thankful for honey, the product of clover and bees. While I do enjoy a smackerel of honey on a regular basis, my thankful today has to do with my yard. Much to the disdain of my neighbors (there is a HOA), I don’t treat my yard for dandelions or clover. Oddly, I don’t have hardly any dandelions. I do, however, have a LOT of clover. The bunnies love it. The bees love it. I love it. While I was out mowing the grass this evening, I was pleasantly surprised to walk past several honey bees. I felt bad for cutting their clover, but I don’t want a nasty letter from the HOA. I am thankful that the clover will grow back in a few days and I will take my time cutting the grass again. I am also thankful for the honey bees busily gathering nectar. It is good to know they haven’t all disappeared into suburban oblivion.

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