Monday, June 20, 2011

Today’s thankful: I am not alone

I was cruising around reading blogs from various frugalistas a few days ago and came across a frugal tip which gave me pause. The tip was when the shampoo bottle says lather, rinse, repeat, do not repeat. The tipster went on to say that this technique will save you half of what you normally spend on shampoo. Gee, that would be cool if I ever actually did the repeat part of hair washing. So now I am faced with the task of self-awareness and the possibility that I am gross. I have only washed my hair essentially twice a few times in my life, and those times were because I was so funky I couldn’t get a good lather the first time. I am left wondering if everyone else on the planet does the lather, rinse, repeat on a regular basis and I am just a gross girl.

Yesterday at a family gathering for Father’s Day, I asked my family if any of them did the repeat part of hair washing. They all (nine people) said they only washed once. So my thankful today is that I am not alone, even if the people surrounding me are also gross, at least we are gross together.

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