Monday, May 16, 2011

Today’s thankful: MY nook works

My sister and I each got a Barnes & Noble nook two Christmases ago when they came out. I have loved mine, but my sister got a lemon. From not downloading books, to the page advance key breaking within a few months, to the electronic library not working properly, she has had nothing but trouble with her nook. She has spent hours on the phone with customer support, only to be told repeatedly that the problem is with their server and not her nook. She has taken it into the local store many times, only to be told that the store personnel can’t help her, and they call the customer service line for her. On our most recent trip to Barnes & Noble to complain about her nook not working, she was assured that her problems were because of their server. When she suggested that she had a lemon and would like a replacement, they told her the problem wasn’t her nook and that there was nothing they could do. Awesome.
What is a girl to do? Well, we have purchased and encouraged our friends to choose the Kindle when searching for an ereader. Our Kindle friends have been very satisfied. So while I have a nook that works, I feel thankful and pretty sure that I just got lucky. So would I recommend a nook? Absolutely not. Will I buy another one when this one dies? Absolutely not. Will I invest in a Kindle next time? Absolutely.

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