Thursday, May 26, 2011

Today’s thankful: Goodwill stores

When I was a tween, garage sales weren’t very popular and my family didn’t have much money, so mom made most of our clothes. Sometimes, though, we would hit the Goodwill store. We called it junkin’, which made it seem more like an adventure and less icky. When I asked my mom what I should say if people at school asked where I got a particular clothing item, she said, “just tell them your mom got it for you.” That answer worked for me, and I happily wore a lot of Goodwill clothes. As a result of my upbringing, I really do enjoy shopping at the Goodwill. So I am slightly thankful for the Goodwill stores from a consumer standpoint. The thing about Goodwill stores that I am very thankful for is that they provide an outlet for me to get rid of things I no longer need without throwing them in the landfill. Yay! As I have been in declutter mode since I joined, I have made several trips to the GW. Not only is my house getting cleaner, but I also get to have the warm fuzzies when I donate. Truly, I can’t find a downside.

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