Sunday, February 13, 2011

Today's thankful: Slush on the sidewalk

I know that slush doesn’t sound like something to be thankful for, but after all of the ice, I think it is a very worthy thing. The ice makes it hard to stay in an upright position.
A long time ago, my dad told me a joke that went like this. A faith healer was working an event in a small town and was asking people who needed healing to come forward. A man, Mr. Greene, came up to the front to be healed of his lisp. Then a woman, Mrs. Smith came forward on crutches hoping to be healed of her inability to stand alone. The faith healer prayed over each of them, then sent them behind a screen and proceeded to whip the crowd into a spiritual frenzy. Then he told Mrs. Smith to throw one of her crutches over the screen. She did. Then he told her to throw the other one. Over the screen it came. Then he called to Mr. Greene and said, “Can you say a few words for us?” Mr. Greene responded, “Yeth! Mithuth Thmith jutht fell on her ath!”
Since dad told me that story, every time I have to walk on ice, I try very hard not to be Mithuth Thmith. Therefore, I am thankful for slush on the sidewalk instead of ice.

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