Monday, February 7, 2011

Speller's the feller

Have you seen the Jimmy Dean’s commercial where the main focus is a girl in a spelling bee? Reminds me of my spelling bee days. No, I was never one of those kids who could take a credible guess based on the origin of the word, but I did win my class in each of the two years we did it at school and went on to the school-wide bee.
One year, my best friend won her class too, so we were in it together. I should mention that she was in the third grade that year. In the weeks preceding the event, we practiced together often. Did you know that it is easier to remember the spelling of a word if you jump on the bed while spelling it? True.
Anyway, the day of the big event arrived and bestie and I were getting down to the final five or so.  It was her turn, and the word was jewelry. She thought for a few seconds, then said, “Jewelry, G.” That is G for game over. I don’t remember my word, but I went out the next round too. We sure had a good time practicing though.
A few years ago, I was asked to participate in an adult spelling bee. This event was at a local library and instead of competing individually, we competed in teams of three. They would give the word then a few seconds for each team to write the word on a white board. Get it right, get a point. We got second to a team of Baptist women who obviously studied and memorized the entire book. They didn’t miss one the entire day. Kudos to them, but it would have been fun to win.

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