Saturday, February 12, 2011

Today's thankful: Popsicles in a plastic tube

I don’t know what to call these things, except popsicles in a plastic tube as opposed to on a stick. One of my nieces used to call them poppie dogs. Hot dogs were hoppie dogs. At any rate, popsicles in a tube are GREAT! Not only are they good for keeping the swelling out of busted lips, they are cheap enough to take out to the playground and give to all the neighborhood kids. I have seen them magically make almost any kid quit crying from a skinned knee or bee sting. Over the past few days, though, popsicles have been kind of my savior. Tiny person has an extremely sore throat, and I am unable to get much liquid down her. I can, however, get her to eat popsicles. Lots of popsicles. The plastic tube keeps them from being messy when eaten while lying on the couch. Yay poppie dogs!

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