Monday, April 4, 2011

Today’s thankful: Vacation

We just got back from a week in Florida. It was a glorious break from the nasty winter weather. During our trip, Middlest painted my fingernails hot vacation pink. Youngest looked at them and said, “I like that color, but it doesn’t look good on old lady hands.” I don’t even care. Honestly, it is awfully hard to take criticism to heart when it is from a girl who just days before had tried to stuff her bikini top with sand. When I asked her what she was doing, she said, “Trying to give myself boobs.” She was disappointed that it didn’t work.

We also took a family bike ride. I don’t know how far we went, but it was about an hour each way with a rest in the middle. It was a good time, but because Youngest is so small, I opted for a drag along bike called a wee hoo. It is basically a recumbent bike for small people which hooks to the back of a grown up bike. The child can actually help by pedaling, but I’m not sure how much my tiny person actually did. Let me just say that dragging an extra 50 pounds along the back of a bike makes for a much more difficult ride.

Also on the agenda was beach, of course, swimming in the pools, and eating. Lots of eating. One stop was to a place called Buster’s because it had been recommended to me by a coworker for the fried pickles. Since SS4 is a fan of seafood and I am a huge fan of pickles, we decided to give Buster’s a try. Youngest was carrying on about hating seafood. I’m not sure what she thinks seafood is, because she loves shrimp and fish. At any rate, I told her that we would find something on the menu that wasn’t seafood. When I happily suggested mini corndogs, she informed me that they would be disgusting. I asked why, and she said, “What if they have seafood in them?” So I asked the server if the mini corndogs had seafood in them. Fortunately, our server was a grandmotherly type and was amused by the question. She assured Youngest that neither the corndogs nor french fries contained seafood. When the meal was finished, our server inquired of Youngest if she had enjoyed her meal. Youngest raised her shirt, started rubbing her belly and said, “Yep! Look at that food baby.”

Of course, no trip recap would be complete without a travel recap. We drove a lot. About halfway through Tennessee, the National Weather Service broadcasted a tornado warning in the stretch of road we were on. They said to take cover. Spouse’s response to the warning was to keep driving. When we reached the other side of the storm safely, I asked him why we hadn’t pulled over. His response was, “The car will fly whether it is moving or sitting still.” Oh, I felt a lot better having heard that answer. We got a little bit lost in the middle of Nowhere, Alabama, in the dark. Spouse was not happy, but we finally arrived safely at our destination not much later than anticipated. On the way back, we managed better time by not having to get lost, sit in a traffic jam or drive through a raging thunderstorm.

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