Thursday, April 28, 2011

Today’s thankful: I took time to cuddle

I would like to think that I am not alone in the fact that sometimes I get too busy to really be present and indulge in a good cuddle with Youngest. She is almost six and super busy, so the opportunity to hug her is rare. Even so, sometimes she climbs up on me when I am in the middle of working and I don’t truly enjoy the interruption. This morning, as I was checking e-mail and organizing my day, Youngest climbed up on my lap for some cuddles. She wasn’t feeling super well when I put her to bed, so I wanted to check her out. I put my laptop down and engaged in some cuddle time. Then the most wonderful thing happened. My baby girl stayed on my lap, her tiny arms wrapped around my neck, and I got five full minutes of stroking her back, smelling her hair and feeling her heartbeat next to mine. She lasted a lot longer than usual, and I am so glad that I set my work aside to indulge in the moment.

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