Monday, April 18, 2011

Today's thankful: It wasn't chicken pox

This morning Youngest came into the bathroom while I was in the tubby. As she pulled up her shirt to use the pot, she noticed some pink splotches on her belly and sides. She said, “Oh no! I hope I don’t have chicken pox!”
I dragged her closer to inspect the splotches, because they were not a normal skin tone pink, were irregularly shaped and rather large. After a few seconds, because I am an experienced mom, I told her to go look in her bed and see if there was an open marker or stamper. She returned a few minutes later with one of those glow bracelets which she informed me had cracked open. I don’t even know how it got in her bed. I swear I drag all of the toys out at least every other day. I am pretty sure she gets up after I put her to bed and gathers things.

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