Monday, July 25, 2011

Today's thankful: Middlest's ability to fend for herself a little bit

Today has been one of those days. Too much to do at work, not enough time, kids to run to and fro and fro and to. Today it was, I have to admit, a little bit hard to come up with a little thankful. Between running children hither and yon, squeezing in a meal can be pretty tough. Couple the time constraints with the fact that I usually don't go for fast food, and the schedule gets a tiny bit tighter. Here is where today's thankful comes in. Middlest is old enough to finish her own pasta and eat it while I am on the road picking up Tiniest. The ten minutes it will take Middlest to fend for herself a tiny bit is the difference between getting to daycare pickup on time and getting Middlest back to band practice on time. Would the world stop turning if I was a little bit late at one point or the other? No. Will I get to feel better about myself for managing to get it all done and on time? You bet!

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