Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Today's thankful: Hot summer days

The midwest has been under a heat wave for the last several days, and it isn't likely to end anytime soon. So the obvious thankful would be air conditioning or that I work inside, both of which I have already been thankful for. Today's thankful is still heat related. I am so thankful for the hot summer sun because it helps all of the wonderful summer produce grow and ripen. Last night we had sweet corn, cucumbers and tomatoes. I fried chicken at lunch and saved some of that for the meat lovers. Tonight we are having BLT's, one of my personal favorites. I LOVE BACON! The tomatoes, which I had to taste to ensure they were high quality enough to feed my family [wink, nudge], are knee weakening good. So while it may sound counter-intuitive, today I am thankful for hot summer days.

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