Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Today’s thankful: Indiana sweet corn

If I need to explain today’s thankful, you have never experienced Indiana sweet corn. You should.

Now for a public service announcement. I work in a smallish regional hospital in the suburbs of a large city.  Today as I was walking toward one of our information desks, I noticed a woman standing on the visitor side wearing flip flops. They were black on the bottom from all of the outdoor walking, as one would expect. Then she flipped her shoe down by flexing her toes, thereby exposing the bottom of her foot. It was easily as dark as the bottom of her shoe. I would have to walk around barefoot for several DAYS to get my foot that dirty. So my PSA for the day is to be sure to wash your feet before going out in public if you intend to wear flip flops and expose the bottoms of your dirty feet, because not doing so is just nasty.

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