Monday, November 7, 2011

Today’s thankful: A stranger accused me of being green

I went to JoAnn’s fabric and craft store on Sunday because they were having a sale on 100% cotton quilt batting. I grabbed a package of said batting, and as I was walking away from the area this woman stopped me and asked, “Are you buying that because you’re green?” I was kind of stunned that a stranger in the store would ask me that question, so I was just standing there kind of staring at her when she started trying to explain herself. I stopped her and said, “I get it, and yes, part of the reason I chose this type of batting is the green factor.” It wouldn’t have been as off putting had she been more enthusiastic about my choice, as in happy to see other people making green choices. She was kind of weird about it. As Eldest and I were walking away from the inquiring stranger, it occurred to me that I should be happy she called me green instead of something worse.

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