Friday, October 21, 2011

Today's thankful: My children haven't pulled a Lohan

I saw a picture of Lindsay Lohan on the Yahoo! front page again, looking more unrefined and mentally unstable than usual. I kind of expect to see photos of her shaving her head a la Brittney soon. I didn't read the story, nor do I care to. The reason I mention it is solely to share my thankful for today. My children thus far have not been to jail, nor have they seen the inside of a courtroom. They don't routinely behave badly in public. I am certain of this fact because if they did behave badly, no small number of busybodies would be more than happy to let me know about it. Are my kids perfect? Absolutely not. Have they been working in front of a film crew for most of their lives? Nope. Are they capable of making bad decisions and getting into trouble with the law? I'm pretty sure they are, but so far have managed to keep their noses clean. And for that small miracle, I am very thankful.

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