Thursday, October 6, 2011

Today’s thankful: I only have to see the public once in a while

Today at work I had yet another exchange with “the public” which serves to reinforce the many reasons I don’t want to work with them. For the most part, I don’t deal with the public, but only with my coworkers. My contact with the public tends to only occur when I am in the hallways on my way to the restroom or gift shop. So today as I was walking down a hall in my black skirt and pink top, an elderly gentleman stopped me. He was wearing an obviously work worn cowboy hat and had a large diamond stud in his ear. He said, “Excuse me. May I pay you a compliment?” Not being one to turn down a compliment, I stopped walking and told him he could go for it. He then said, “You remind me of a 1969 Chevy.” Really? Then he said, “You wanna know what color mine was?” I was still standing there with my mouth open when he said, “It was pink and black.” Oh. Now I get it. I think. I sure am glad he told me what he was about to say was a compliment, or I might have missed it. And for you guys out there, if you are going to liken a woman to a car and think it is a good thing, the least you can do is get a faraway look in your eye and say something like, “Man, she was a sexy beast.”

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  1. I completely agree! The older I get ... the more I enjoy home. People are strange animals!