Monday, October 10, 2011

Today’s thankful: I have never, ever, fought putting on clean panties

A few mornings ago when I went into Youngest’s room to make sure she was getting dressed appropriately, I noticed that the clean panties I had laid out the night before were still not on her behind. When I suggested she put on the clean panties, she all but came unglued on me, wailing about not wanting to put on clean underwear. Although I am really a laid back kind of mom who is willing to let the kids be who they are, I draw the line at wearing dirty underwear to school, or anywhere for that matter. As hard as she was fighting me about donning clean underwear, I was forced to wonder if I am the one with the problem. Maybe not everyone likes or needs clean panties. Hmm. In all of my life I have never balked at the idea of putting on clean panties. Some of mom’s brainwashing was a good thing.

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