Thursday, March 1, 2012

Today’s thankful: None of the first graders are missing an ear

No, it is not a Van Gogh thing. That would be much better. Alas, this thankful centers on Youngest and her actions. Apparently, while in the cafeteria, one of the boys in her class suggested that Youngest might be a poop eater. Poor fool thought he had gotten away with teasing my girl. She waited until they were outside at recess. She then got close enough to grab hold of his ear and try to twist it off. When asked why she hurt her friend, she told the teacher she was mad. No mention of being called a poop eater. I got to discuss that one on the phone with the school. Yay me! I have been saying it from the moment she was born. Youngest is trying to kill me. I am very glad all she got was a stern talking to, but my real thankful is that young boy still has both of his ears attached to his head. Oh! To make the events of the day even more exciting, when Spouse took Youngest to the park to play, the boy was there and they played like best friends. I guess, in spite of the grown ups, justice was served and all returned to normal.

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