Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Today's thankful: Wonderful, understanding bosses

I need to rant for a minute. My problem is that we of the feminine persuasion have been fighting for equality since the sixties and are still not there. I read recently that 60% of bachelor’s degrees are being conferred on women. Yay! In spite of our collective progress, though, a lot of men are still turds when it comes to child rearing. When I was married to a dentist and he refused to take his turn missing work when the kids were sick, I accepted it because there were already patients scheduled for the day and I wouldn’t want to be cancelled. Also, he was bringing home most of the money for our household. Now that I am on marriage two, Spouse is self-employed and I bring home the majority of our household income. Yet he still claims to be “too busy” to take his turn when childcare issues arise. I am pretty sure it is a man thing, because I know a lot of women who are majority breadwinners yet still handle most of their childrens’ needs. Grrrrr! I guess my thankful in all of this is that I have a job with wonderful bosses, who also happen to be mothers, so I can take the time off work to tend to the childcare portion of my day.

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