Monday, March 14, 2011

Today’s thankful: A husband with mad repair skills

You don’t NEED a man, but they can make life better is my mantra. My girls have grown up hearing and probably despising this phrase, but I wanted them to feel good about being on their own and be independent before choosing a mate. And I am hoping when they do choose, they won’t settle because they feel like they NEED a man in their lives. So it is with acknowledgement of the inconsistency that I write today’s thankful. I don’t need a man, but sure am glad for the one I have. He grew up poor, which means he knows how to fix almost anything. I’m sure his mechanical aptitude doesn’t hurt, either. At any rate, the faucet in our bathtub starting leaking last week.  This Saturday when I returned home, I found him toiling and cussing in the bathroom, and the tub was well on its way to being repaired. I didn’t have to lift a finger even to call the repair man, and my tub is good as new. He made life better for me and I am glad he continues to stick around.

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  1. Humm, I have never been married to a person with mad repair skills! Apparently, I would have taken this trait into consideration before marrying anyone ... if only I had known! One more thing to add to the (impossible) list of things that my DD needs to look for in a man! :)