Friday, February 24, 2012

Today’s thankful: She didn’t say it in front of a minister

Youngest and I were in the car the other afternoon and she said, “I know why Christmas is called Christmas. Because Santa’s other name is Kris Kringle.” Really? Wow. So anyway, after a few mom questions, I figured out that she knew we celebrated Jesus’ birth at Christmas, but she had no idea that Jesus and Christ were the same dude. Perhaps I should add that particular curse to my vocabulary so she’ll know.

When I was about three, in Sunday school one day, we were being rowdy. The minister happened into the room and said, “Boys and girls, settle down. You are in the house of Jesus Christ.” While my mom watched, horrified, from behind the two-way mirror, I wrapped myself around the minister’s leg and kept shouting, “My mommy says bad words too!” To make it even better, my mom never used that curse phrase. It was one of my Catholic dad’s faves, though.

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