Friday, October 29, 2010

Water park woes

We went to Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari in August before school started. The new ride is a water coaster that we all wanted to ride. Thinking that the line would be shorter earlier, we went there first. After waiting an hour and a half, we got to ride. I love it. The girls, however, were not so enthusiastic. Youngest said she liked it though. Turns out, she lied. The next thing we did was the smallest water slide they have, called the Bamboo Chute. Youngest seemed to want to ride until we got to the top of the stairs. Then she started freaking out, throwing a fit, climbing me and screaming, "No, Mommy! No, Mommy! Don’t make me do it!"

I rarely back down from a challenge, and I absolutely refuse to participate in the walk of shame back down the stairs. I told her the only ways down were to go down the slide or jump over the edge. She said she wanted to jump. I told her that wasn’t really an option. After several agonizing minutes, part of which her bikini bottoms were down around her knees from the struggle, I told her that she had better hang on because we were going and I threw her into the front of the raft and pushed off. The crowd who had witnessed the fit started cheering. Youngest decided it was a great ride. When we got out at the bottom, the people who had also witnessed the fit but had gone on down, had waited to see the outcome of the screamfest. They told Eldest and Middlest that they were pretty sure we weren’t coming down. Eldest informed them that her mother would NEVER walk down the stairs. Then we came shooting out of the chute, and they all cheered too. Then Youngest actually wanted to do it again. She was fine the rest of the day, as long as I promised nothing was as bad as the Wildebeast. Her souvenir t-shirt read, "I survived the Wildebeast." She’s more lucky that she survived throwing a fit in public.

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